Do you know NOVA usagi?
I'll start English category for non-Japanese readers. In this series, I'll introduce latest Japanese culture topic or something like that. This is the first entry.

NOVA usagi at Shinjuku Higashi-guchi (East Exit)

Do you know NOVA usagi? It is one of the most popular characters in Japan. 'NOVA usagi' is mascot character of NOVA, which is famous English school.

Advertising flag of NOVA

'うさぎ(usagi) ' is Japanese word for rabbit. NOVA usagi has strange mouth like that of birds. Concept of NOVA usagi is 'いっぱい聞けて、いっぱいしゃべれる (You can listen many, you can speak many) '. NOVA usagi's big ear and keen month like birds represent that concept.