Sushi meets camera-phone at 'neta'(ネタ)
My friend in Switzerland, Roger wrote about Japanese word 'neta'(ネタ)in his blog.

In Japanese, "material" for news and stories is called "neta." The term has strong journalistic associations, but also gets used to describe material that can become the topic of conversation among friends or family: a new store seen on the way to work; a cousin who just dropped out of high school; a funny story heard on the radio. Camera phones provide a new tool for making these everyday neta not just verbally but also visually shareable.
(this is citation from Camera phones changing the definition of picture-worthy)

Yes, we Japanese use 'neta' for 'material for news and stories' or 'topic of conversation'. But original and traditional use of 'neta' is that of 'Sushi-neta'. We call fish part of sushi 'neta'.

Sushi is handy, quick, small and charming food. Sushi meets camera-phone at 'neta'. Oh, that shape of mobile-phone looks like sushi. Isn't it interesting?